Welcome to the Theta Theta Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity

University of Michigan

Established: 1877

Why we were founded:

"The principle and object of its organization were not to be different from those of other similar college societies. The purposes were praiseworthy and honorable, being the formation of a social and literary club, where young men, selected for their high moral character, mental endowments, literary tastes and congenial dispositions, could meet for the purpose of furthering their interests while at college. Such a society, we believed, would be of great value to its members, in the formation of valuable friendships, in the cultivation of social virtues, in promoting a taste for literature and in aiding each other to obtain the rewards and prizes usually offered by colleges to young men of high and honorable standing in their classes. These were the purposes which the founders of society had in view."

-Founder Isaac M. Jordan, 1855

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